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Advanced Computer Entertainment (ACE)
This magazine is from the UK. You can get them from the Commodoreisawesome website. This magazine also deals primarily with gaming for multiple systems including the C64, C128, and Amiga.

This Commodore oriented magazine premiered in January 1984. For those not familiar, this magazine has many fine articles by authors well-known in the Commodore community. This magazine is geared more towards the VIC-20 and Commodore 64.

For a selection of Ahoy! disks (.d64 programs from the magazine) click HERE (.zip file).

Ahoy! article listing.

You can find digital scans of these magazines at

While BYTE is not Commodore specific, it is still worth mentioning. They do have articles in general which in concept apply to all types of computers. Well worth the effort (and fun to see the technology from back then). Later issues do not have the technical depth, which was part of what made the magazine so popular (1990's on...).

BYTE article listing

C=Hacking   Self Extracting Archive

This is a self-extracting archive of the C= Hacking Mag. This is an excellent collection of which every Commodore enthusiast ought to have. This is a large file at 1840KB.


Commodore Microcomputers

Commodore Power Play

Commodore World

Article listing.

Commodorefree (Electronic-based)

Commodorefree is a great digital magazine currently being published in Europe. Several different document formats are also available (.seq, .pdf, etc).

Compute!'s Gazette
Compute's Gazette is the offshoot of Compute! Gazette is specifically for the Commodore user.



Loadstar (Disk-based)
Loadstar is the best disk-based magazine published for Commodore computers.

Micro Magazine - for 65xx based computers.

Printout Magazine
Printout Magazine was originally produced in the U.K. for the PET/CBM.

Run magazine was quite popular. It was printed through the 1990's. Published in New Hampshire by CW Communications/Peterborough Inc.

Article listing.

The Torpet was published initially to serve the Commodore PET community. It was published and printed in Ontario Canada.

The Transactor is probably the finest source of information published for the Commodore community. This link will take you to Craig Bruce's website where he has archived a number of them.

Transactor Inner Space Anthology

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