TextConvert is a text conversion utility for WindowsXX computers to view .SEQ files (PETASCII) Word Writer 5, and PaperClipIII documents. This program can also be used as a simple text editor - simply type in text or edit text already loaded into the pane.

File Save features include saving text as .TXT or .SEQ giving you the option of saving a converted file.

When you start TextConvert, you are presented with 2 "Panes". The Left Pane is for ASCII text and extracted text from Commodore-based word processors; the Right Pane is for Commodore ASCII (.SEQ). Text can be converted back and forth (between ASCII and PETASCII). You can also copy and paste from outside sources too.

TextConvert 1.1 is an upgrade from v1.0 and can now handle larger files - up to 50 Kilobytes. Also added is a progress bar giving a visual cue as to the status of a file conversion (handy for those large files).

This project started out as a means for me to convert files to/from Commodore and other computers. I use Windows/OSX frequently and I wanted a way to easily read my Commodore files. This is my first Official VisualBasic program and has been a lot of fun for me to figure out. This program works nicely when used in conjunction with TextPad and large (over 50K) files. I can copy and paste text from TextPad to TextConvert in segments and convert this to a readable form. I can also copy text from TextConvert and paste to TextPad (or any other word processor or text editor).

- Using the Convert2.1 for GEOS, I was able to export a GeoWrite document from a real 64C to a computer with TextConvert. After copying to the hard drive, I added a .ww5 extension and was able to read it using the Word Writer 5 button. Original text formatting was not available, but the text was all there to read.

I hope it is as useful for you as it is to me.

- Commodoreman


TextConvert is known to work on the following operating systems:

Windows 98se
Windows XP

( TextConvert is unlikely to run on 64-bit OSes - haven't tried one yet.)

Version Update Log:

August 2013
- Upgrade to handle up to 50K file size
- Added a conversion progress bar
- Program labeled as version 1.1
- Minor improvements to smooth out the system

Try the Shareware version, or purchase a Full-Version user license for $12.00 (via Paypal, MO), or feel free to send $10.00 cash US Dollars. Contact me for details...cman@commodoreman.com.