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Commodore 64/128

  • 64Copy Central - Dos & C64 file emulator (other files of interest here too.)
  • C64 Forever!

  • - Lots of stuff for 6502 based computers including Commodore
  •'s Homebuilt Projects - Many Commodore related projects are in this area.
  • AcheronVM - This is a project demonstrated at CommVEx 11.
  • Andre's Page Great projects for 6502! Check it out.
  • Bil Herd's C128 website. (Former C= Engineer)
  • - BOOKS! A fantastic collection of Commodore related material.
  • The C64 Portal
  • The Commodore Knowledge Base - Large collection of articles
  • C64 Wiki
  • Cocos - listing of Commodore related sites.
  • Commodore World Magazine - .pdf versions. Great magazine!
  • - This is a great magazine and they are still going strong!.
  • Craig Bruce's Website
  • D Mackay's Blog
  • Everything Commodore - Lots of stuff here.
  • Floodgap
  • The Fridge - A great source for Commodore and other 6502.
  • Georg Rottensteiner Great projects for 6502! Check it out.
  • GoDot for the C64
  • LUnix/LNG - An alternative operating system for the C64 & C128
  • Mirkosoft
  • MossyCon4 - pictures & video (Robert Bernardo)
  • Portable SID player..
  • Reset Magazine
  • > Snakeman's Home Page - R.I.P.
  • SwinSID - Replacement for the SID chip.
  • Vintagecomputer - Pictures and basic info about classic computers
  • Vintage Computer Festival - Check for scheduled meets (all vintage computers)
  • The World of Fairlight - Homepage of demo group Fairlight.
  • Uber-leet - Dedicated Commodore User's site
  • Zimmers site - everyone should know this site!

  • Commodore B128

  • Shockley's B128 site

  • Commodore PLUS/4 & Commodore C-16



  • CP/M

    * Herne Data Systems

    User Groups

  • Clark County Commodore Computer Club - Las Vegas, Nevada

    Phone: 702-363-3331 (before 6 pm)

  • Fresno Commodore User Group - Fresno California

    Contact Robert Bernardo

  • PDX Commodore Users Group in Portland, OR.

  • TPUG - Toronto Canada

  • Torpet - TPUG club magazine.

    Vendors/Stores Etc.

  • CBMStuff - Jim Drew's website Great NEW hardware for sale!

  • 1541 Ultimate! - Purchase the 1541 Ultimate! from this Website

  • Computer Bargain Store (Reid Swenson's Computer Store - Salt Lake City, UT 801-466-8084)

    Reid has a lot of items - from hardware to software, books, ribbons, and other goodies.

  • Deluxe Forms (For Commodore Business Accounting System)
  • The business forms for the CBAS are still available from Deluxe!
    The numbers given in the manuals for forms have slightly changed.
    Be sure to put a 9 in front of the number when searching (example: form number 1000 will need to be referred to as 91000).

  • Jim Brain's Retro Store - Several great NEW hardware items to pubrchase!

  • John Carlsen's C128 adapter - To use this adapter you will need the GBS 8220 board from

  • Kryoflux

  • Do you still use original Commodore printers? OCLA sells ribbons.

  • Additional sources for printer ribbons (MPS 803, 1526 etc.) - Check out what has to offer.

  • CBM Program Studio - Windows based programming studio. Nice program!


  • Non-Commodore Sites:

    BGMICRO - Great resource for you electronic tinkerers.

    JAMECO - Electronics resource

    MOUSER - More electronics parts & supplies.

    Online Components

    Western Design Center - Manufacturer of 65xx-based chips and technologies.

    DynaSpy - More cool gadgets for the electronics hobbyist.

    Ubuntu Operating System - A great alternative to the status quo.

    The BLAZE - News provider (much of which you don't hear from the mainstream sources)

    Rush Limbaugh - Wanna find out what's going on in the world?

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