Archiving & De-archiving Programs and Information for Commodore Computers

Commodore 64

  • ARC 250.4 - For .ARC files.

  • Arkive V3.0. This is the Arkive version 3 program. It is a self dissolving file on the C64.

  • gunzip.c64- gunzip for the Commodore 64. For certain .ZIP files.

  • LYNGX (Ultimate LYNX) archive disk plus other utilities - For .LNX files.

  • LZH to SFX - Convert .lzh compressed files to .sfx. Read more about it.

  • puzip - (puzip source code in C, also, see article in C=Hacking Mag., issue 16 about puzip.)

  • Unzip101

  • Wraptor - Create/undo .wra files. This archiver is NOT for REL files. This is an .sda file.

  • Wraptor v. 3 - This is the file compression/decompression program from Loadstar. This is version 3 (for files ending in .wr3).
    It is an .SDA file and will self de-archive to a disk when run. NOT for REL files!

  • ZIP! - For !1 zip files (!1 is a prefix instead of an extension).

  • De-archiving .dxx files:

  • MMC Replay Cartride offers the ability to undo .Dxx files.
    ZoomFloppy is said to be able to undo .Dxx files.

    Read About .d64 format.

    Commodore 128

  • ARC128

  • gunzip - to decompress files from puzip

  • LHARC128.ARC

  • Library128 - For archiving/dearchiving to/from .lib files.

  • puzip - compress files. Use gunzip to decompress.

  • SDA128

  • Commodore 16 & Plus/4

  • gunzip.+4 /gunzip16
       This is the GUNZIP program for unzipping puzip files on the Plus4 and C16.

  • puzip +4  
  • puzip16

  •    This is the PUZIP utility for the Plus/4 and Commodore 16

    Notes on Archiving Files, Disks, and Cassettes

    * Archiving REL files...

    For dealing with REL files, use: ARC, Arkive, Dxx, LNX, ZIP!. LNX is said to have problems properly archiving REL files. See Commodore File Formats in the Library/Articles area for more specific information on file types created by these utilities.

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