Commodore 64 Utilities

If you are looking for archival programs, refer to the ARCHIVAL UTILITIES page.

Dr. Pierce's Utilities Disk

This disk has utilities for the 1541 and programming. Version5.0.
Description of utilities.

Double Scroll Linker

...a little addition to DSM III. This program allows you to add an intro to those extra long programs that are too big for ordinary intro makers.

File Encrypter

This is a simple file encryption program. Source: RUN Magazine May/June 1991 p.8


This is a file decompression program for .zip files.

MacGeoPaint v1.141

This is a utility to convert macpaint pictures to GeoPaint format. This program is part of the 41A_SHAREWARE.D64 disk.

Omega-Q I

This is the utilities program from the Q-Link system. Version 1.

Omega-Q II

This is the utilities program from the Q-Link system. You will need Arc 250.4 to de-archive this file. Version 2. This is a highly recommended program and all C64/128 owners should have this in their tool box. This is a menu driven program, so it is easy (but powerful) to use.


For REU units up to 2MB. Also other utilities on disk.


Restrings is a utility for those with a Commodore REU (1764, 1700, 1750).
Read this file for details.


This utility helps design sprites. Up to 16.

Turbo-64 / Bootmaker

This is a software utility that is supposed to boot load speeds. Bootmaker makes a boot for any BASIC or ML program.

Uuxfer v1.1

Convert .seq files to/from uuencode format. Read More here.

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