Commodore 64 Telecommunications

Color64 v7.37

BBS software.

CommTerm21.5 (Located on AlphaOmega disk Jan. 88 Side 2)

Features include:

Punter Protocol Transfers
BAUD rates: 50-600/1200
Terminal Modes: ASCII C= Graphics
Modems: 1650, 1660, 1670, Westridge, Hayes, Mighty Mo, Hes II
Store up to 30 numbers in the Phone Book
Continuous redial
20K Buffer
Disk utilities
File utilities


Here is a program for setting up and running the EBBS64 BBS. You will need UNZIP101.SFX to de-archive this file.


Novaterm is by far the best terminal communications and utilities package ever developed for the 64. This is the last full version made available and supports a wide range of devices. Configurable via the setup program or throught the menus. This program should be in every Commodore 64/128 owners collection. This file is an .arc file. Use ARC250.4 to de-archive.

Manual for Novaterm 9.6 (.txt) (.pdf) (.odt) (.wpd) (.html)

Total Telecommunications

This is a terminal program for the Commodore 64.

Touchterm (Located on the AlphaOmega Jan. 88 disk Side 2)

Features include:

Protocols: Punter, Xmodem
BAUD rates: 50-2400
Terminal Modes: ASCII C= Graphics
Modems: 1650, 1660, 1660+CD, 1670, Non-dial
Custom character sets
SEQ file reader
Sprite editor
Function key editor
DES or NonDES mode

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