Commodore 64 Productivity


This program was published by HES. View the README file for more info.

Blazin' FORTH

A great FORTH language package for the '64 (.ARC file).


CAD-style program.


The second version of the C64 C-compiler cc64.

Codewriter Database

CodeWriter Data Entry program. Includes a tutorial.

CodeWriter ReportWriter

Create reports, works with CodeWriter.

Commodore Business Accounting System

This system is a collection of business accounting programs developed for the Commodore 64.

FORTRAN - Abacus

This file is the FORTRAN language from ABACUS Software, Inc.
This is a .d64 file.

Master-Dex 64

Master-Dex 64 is an electronic Rolodex - menu driven program from LOADSTAR. This program is on a disk of its own.
Click to view docs for detailed info.

Oxford Pascal

This is the Cassette-based package(does not save to a disk drive).


PALPOWER it a great utility program suite. PALPOWER includes the PAL assembler, SuperMon

PAL Assembler.

Brad Templeton's PAL Assembler.
PAL Manual (.zip)


This is a .zip file that decompresses to four (4) folders (representing disks 1-4).

Poster Printer64

Print posters on your '64 with this program from Abacus.

The Print Shop - Broderbund

This .zip file contains The Print Shop by Broderbund, Print Shop Companion disk, and a number of graphics disks.
Print Shop is the most popular Desktop Publishing software made for the C64.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) - Quantitative Comparisons Module

Side 1
Side 2

SAT Score improvement system by Hayden Software. This is the Quantitative Comparisons and Word Problems module. This is "one of six modules designed to raise your SAT scores. This Quantitative Comparisons And Word Problems Module is an effective tool to begin your preparation for the Mathematical section of the Scholastic Aptitude Tests."

The Filer - Easy Working Series by Spinnaker

The Filer is part of the Easy Working Utility series by Spinnaker. This is a database and is menu driven. Documentation is included on disk.

Word Writer 5

Word Writer 5 is an excellent word processing program developed for the Commodore 64 series computers.
After unzipping the file (unzip64 or unzip128), you will need LYNG'X to unpack the main files.

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