Commodore 64 Entertainment

Christmas Disk

Christmas music using StereoPlayer v10 (by Mark A. Dickenson - 1988).


Text-based StarWars (c) game.

Driven Demo/Magazine

Driven is a digital (disk) magazine concerning the Demo scene. Nice format and good graphics, this has a lot of information concerning the subject.

Driven #1
This is the first program.

Driven #2
Issue number 2.


This is one program on a .d64 disk that will allow a C64 to view macview or digi formatted pictures. There are two pictures on this disk, +ronheadroom.mac and +spuds.mac. Shareware.

Master Composer

Create and edit music on the C64. By Access Software.


Classic - Popular game. 1 to 4 players compete for supremacy in this game of building your financial empire.


Demo program

Red Storm Rising (Side 1) (Side 2)

Late 20th Century Submarine Simulation software by MicroProse (tm). Works best on the original hardware.

RealSidPlay - ( v2.20)

This program plays SID files on your Commodore 64. Note there is the older version and the
new version. Read the .txt file for more info.

Steve Stewart's Sid Master V1.0

Side 1 Side 2

Use SID Master to create sound using all three voices.

Sid Organizer v3.0

Read More about it here.


By Roy C. Wainright 1982. Side 1 Side 2.

This is a Christmas Music album for the 64.

The Faker's Kit by Dan Komaromi

This is a fun little program for you '64 owners. Here is the main menu:

This is one of several programs on the 41A_SHAREWARE.D64 disk. Shareware.

The Musician

By Melody Hall Publishing Company, this program starts with three options:

1) The Composer, by Perry Brickley 1985
2) Beat!
3) Electronic Piano.


Demo issue #55. This is a .zip file (windows).

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