Public Domain - Commodore 128 Utilities


Essentially the same as the ARC program for the Commodore 64.

Buddy Assembly Development System

A great Assembly Development system for the Commodore 128. This file includes the documentation.


This is a simple file encryption program. Source: RUN Magazine May/June 1991 p.8


This is a file decompression utility for unzipping .zip files.


File decompression utility - ARC file. (for LHA?)


Library128 v1.3a.


Lynx 128 utility program - ARC file.


This program converts LZH files to SFX (.SFX file). See this .txt file for details.

Library 128 (undo)

This program will undo LBR files.

Little Red Reader

Little Red Reader is a utility program for copying files to and from a Commodore formatted disk to an MS-DOS formatted disk. You'll need a 1571, 1581, or one of the CMD drives as the 1541 does not have the capability to read MFM (MS-DOS).

ZED 128

ZED 128 is a text editor for the Commodore 128 in 80 column mode.

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